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We analyze your current work processes with reference to your current software portfolio.


We provide an overview of our findings and a plan for implementation.


We Identify cost reduction possibilities introducing Business Intelligence and process automation


We can help you with the implementation according to agreed plan.

Us, Mission & Offer

About us

We are a small low cost company focusing on cost effective solution using software already in the customers portfolio.

We aim to provide the right consultant for the assignments at the lowest price!

Our mission

We work in the digitalization segment and aim to introduce BI functionality and identify shortest and most cost effective solution for our customers.

To achieve this all our consultants have more than 5 years of experience within their respective work segments.

Our offer

About Rate & Price


Our concept is based on deliver high value for less money 

Please contact us for information about consultant categories and rates.

Duration of contract

We can offer rate reduction for long time contracts. As the interpretation of ‘long time’ can vary, let us know your need and we will make you an offer!


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